The Team


  • Christian has over 30 years integrity management experience covering a wide span of the manufacturing sectors.
  • He has extensive international experience of leading inspection programs, managing teams of specialist multi-discipline engineers, failure investigations, RBI (risk based inspection), project management, IOW (integrity operating window) project management, RBI software development, global equipment integrity programs, and leading turnaround events within the inspection discipline.
  • Christian’s specialty is his experience & skill set that combines inspection integrity, RBI, IOW’s, materials-corrosion engineering, & UKAS & legislative management oversight.
  • Christian has co-chaired UK industry forums, technically assesses & approves the appointment of chartered or incorporated engineers on behalf of the engineering council, & heads a materials, corrosion, projects & procurement inspection team, acting as deputy technical manager & a discipline authority at the Stanlow UK refinery.



  • Technical authority – metallurgy & corrosion engineering
  • Inspection body accreditation & quality system management
  • Turnaround inspection scope optimisation
  • Inspection integrity management
  • RBI system development, project management, & facilitation
  • IOW system development, project management, & facilitation
  • Plant construction/fabrication monitoring and quality assurance
  • Crude diversification opportunities (maximising refinery diet economics safely)
  • Non-intrusive inspection techniques or on-line, real-time, corrosion monitoring systems (to support scope optimisation or crude diversification opportunities)
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Coaching, mentoring & training of teams & multi-discipline personnel
  • Qualifications: chartered engineer, master’s degree (MSc) in corrosion control engineering from UMIST, Manchester, 1st year degree certificate IT & computer science from John Moores university, RG2 Category 1 authorised inspection personnel (category 1 authorised to approve repairs, modifications, operating parameter changes, & alternative inspection methods of major pressure systems), & lastly mechanical engineering HNC & City & Guild qualifications etc.


Professional Experience

Since 2014 – ESSAR Stanlow UK refinery – Integrity Services Manager/Deputy Technical Manager

  • Christian leads a team of specialist engineers, collectively responsible for IOW & RBI management, on-line corrosion monitoring, materials & corrosion support, consultancy, welding engineering, projects/procurement inspection, & goods inwards services.
  • In addition to his leadership responsibilities, he serves as the technical materials & corrosion authority.

2011 to 2014 – ESSAR Stanlow UK refinery – Materials & Corrosion Engineer & Equipment Integrity SME

  • Christian held refinery & chemicals materials & corrosion responsibilities, whilst leading a crude diversification project (processing higher TAN crudes safely).
  • He also held responsibility for  project management & delivery of a 3 year IOW & RBI upgrade project for the site & led inspection teams during the site’s major block turnaround, helping with scope optimisation & planning in the run up to the turnaround event.

2002 to 2011 – Shell Stanlow UK refinery

  • Pressure Equipment Integrity Engineer & Stanlow Equipment Integrity Process SME
  • Christian progressed from area inspection responsibilities to manage Shell’s Global Asset Management Excellence EI implementation for Stanlow

1990 to 2000 – ENSPEC Engineering (UK) Ltd

  • Wirral Plant/Welding/Project Inspector
  • In-service inspections of complex manufacturing facilities in locations such as the Caribbean, Africa, the middle East, Mexico, North & South America, Europe etc.
  • This work also involved supervision of various plant installation projects, vendor audits, failure investigations, and technical litigations on behalf of clients.

Examples of recent achievements

  • Successfully developed & implemented corrosion & IOW monitoring systems to support the refinery in processing higher TAN crudes safely – significant margin impact realised.
  • Led & delivered on-time & on budget multi-million pound project to move the refinery to an integrated inspection management & RBI software system, EI work-stream of a interfaced with SAP maintenance. Also involved GAME-EI process architecture, supporting software development in the US & Germany representing Shell, & process documentation used globally. This project culminated in training of 60+ inspection department team members with training guides & quality system documents developed by him.
  • Christian has co-chaired a UK industry forum which led to the publication of a best practice HTHA management standard (High Temperature Hydrogen Attack).
  • Led & delivered numerous RBI & IOW projects for the refinery, helping improve reliability, integrity & producing more effective whilst less intrusive inspection strategies.