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Our Services

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We are flexible in our approach. Our core services are listed below and can be adapted to suit strategic or tactical goals.

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Core Services

Turnaround process improvement and building organizational capability.

Coaching and mentoring, building capability in individuals and teams, throughout all Turnaround stages, including Turnaround execution. Turnaco can assess current capability, undertake a gap assessment and develop and support the implementation of an improvement plan.

Turnaco provides a structured process for "Cold Eye" preparation readiness reviews. These reviews take place at key stages of Turnaround preparation.
  • These reviews involve our external team in a “cold eye” independent review. We assess the current status and planning readiness as well as organisation alignment and capability for a pending Turnaround We compare these insights against global best practices and benchmarks.
  • The Reviews will allow timely actions in areas where weaknesses have been identified and to develop a specific action plan to improve potential areas of weakness.
  • Turnaco can support the delivery of these improvement actions.

Provide independent Preparation Reviews, preparation/predictability improvements and an assessment of any "gaps-to-potential" for the business plans:
  • PR0 : Timed at Turnaround kick-off.
  • PR1 : Timed at the completion of initial Turnaround development.
  • PR2 : Timed after scoping is complete.
  • PR3 : Timed after completion of detailed planning.
  • Post Turnaround Lessons Learned.
Provide a comprehensive or bespoke Turnaround optimisation programme. Turnaco have designed and deployed to affect, comprehensive tools and workshops to support Turnaround optimisation and performance improvement. A summary of the modules is below:
  • Capability assessment and improvement plan.
  • Strategy development and optimisation.
  • Scope optimisation: quantitative and risk-based.
  • Scope solution development: deliver the right scope the optimal way for the safest, most efficient and effective delivery.
  • Schedule optimisation: covering 3 key influential stages of preparation 1: Enables for optimal schedule at Turnaround initiation 2: Optimal scope solutions development during scoping and post scoping method and execution strategy stage Solutions 3: Schedule Critical path review (detailed planning and execution multi-discipline review of: schedule critical paths and work planning, safety, schedule, risk and quality enablers).
  • Shutting-down, decontamination, testing and Start-up.
  • Execution efficiency: effective, efficient and organisational responsiveness during execution.
  • Quality program: Comprehensive program to result in a flaw-free event. The Turnaco Program is called iSEE Simple Efficient and Effective.
  • Strategic Planning Improvement
Contract Strategy Support for optimal business results.
Improve strategic planning processes and support to improve strategic activity plans. This includes improving forecasting accuracy whilst making sure the activity set over the next two to ten years is optimized and reconciled to deliver the optimal business results.

COVID : structured review of activity re-scheduling. Assessment of Activity optimisation potential or deferral impact risk and mitigation planning. Delivering optimal strategic activity schedule for the outer years.
Turnaco process to assess activities for value, optimisation potential and to aid prioritisation.
Specific support tailored to client’s needs. Including training, coaching and mentoring.